Bulging and Herniated Discs

Very often, severe low back pain is immediately associated with a “slipped” or “torn” disc. Problems with the discs are not as commonly as believed in the past and very rarely require surgery for pain relief.

Spinal discs are thick ligament-like discs and the center portion is primarily made up of water. The main functions of the disc is to provide shock absorption to help with spinal flexibility and creating a space between vertebra for the nerves and other vessels to exit the spine.

Common disc problems include bulging, herniation, and degeneration. These problems manifest as slight tears, complete tears causing nerve compression, and normal wear and tear on the disc. Degenerative disc disease is the most common which causes bone spurs to form which limits flexibility and causes a narrowing of the canal where the nerves exit the spine.

Chiropractic care, through the use of spinal adjustments, modalities, therapeutic exercises, and other therapies can slow or stop the progression of disc degeneration or relieve the pressure on the disc allowing a bulge or herniation to subside.

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