Joint Pain

Joints are the areas in the body where any two bones connect. The space between that allows for proper movement is called the joint. There are many different types of joints in the body. Some joints barely move at all while others move freely in all directions. When the joint is moving properly, the surrounding muscles function as they should. However, when the joint is not moving properly, the nearby muscles and ligaments can become tense or stretched. A damaged joint causes the local tissues and nerves to become irritated causing swelling, redness, stiffness, and pain.

There are three types of stresses to your joints; physical, chemical, and mental. Any type of trauma such as falls or accidents typically result in joint damage. Your diet is a big factor as well. Inflammatory diets cause the joints of the body to be more susceptible to injury. Mental stresses affect the hormones and chemical levels in your body which may cause a healthy joint to struggle to function optimally.

Chiropractors address the cause of the joint pain, not the symptoms. They help to restore normal ranges of motion which allows for surrounding soft tissues to heal.

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